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Sports Insole

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Sports Insole


‘DeaWoong Agency’ founded by representative who worked in distribution industry approximately 20 years, getting interest in internet selling in 2009. The location is Yeonje-gu, Busan. Our company ‘DeaWoong Agency’ is the distribution corporation that handling household, Beauty, Disinfection Product, and Grocery. We sell products through our own site, all kinds of open markets, and limitation mall which is only access to the limitation number of people. And as needed, we also deliver to other corporations. And since 2015, we also deliver products to more than 100 Internet Sellers. Most products even it’s 1order, we offer direct shipping by manufacturer. Because we do a direct dealings (does not go through distribution/wholesale enterprise), we are fast at communicate and handling. Item develops and the relationships between sellers areour number one priority. We are always developing the products which deliver to market, convenience store and department store. Product areas are not specifically defined, and we are placing major emphasis on new market opening. Therefore, we have lots of interest in overseas expansion. We think that we have been grown up and tempered while working in a distribution (we have passed hundreds of customers.) We do not sell the product that we have not used personally. We introduce our products with pride.


Sports Insole protects joint and absorbs the impact of the feet. Sports Insole keeps balance of the body. Sports Insole controls the food odor by absorption equal to 4 times the area and absorbs/emits sweat. Sports Insole used PCM used in space suit. Microfiber - control effect of foot odor / absorption equal to 4 times the area / quick absorbs/emits sweat. EVA - shock absorption when heel touch the ground. Carbon - buffer role. Relieve the stress comes from standing. Captures the sliding of foot. Keeps the body balance. Gel - strengthen the shock absorption. Sports Insole strengthen the body muscle. Sports Insole makes the spine stands straight and keeps the body balance. Sports Insole makes comfortable even if you walk long time or run. Sports Insole has 4 sizes : S (225mm - 240mm) / M (245mm-255mm) / L (260mm-270mm) / XL (275mm-285mm).